Ridge Runner Rules

  1. CAR: Must be strictly stock from front bumper to rear bumper. Any 2 or 4 door foreign or domestic car with 90 inch minimum to 105 inch maximum wheel base is allowed. Car must have safe roll cage. Car must be rear-wheel drive.
  2. TIRES and WHEELS: 7" steel wheels (no aluminum, titanium, etc) with an absolute max of 7.5". Tires must be street legal, DOT approved. Tires will be measured from the outside to the inside.
  3. BODY: Only stock appearing, non-sheet metal bodies are allowed. However, plastic after-market replacement nose and tailpieces are allowed. The car must have its stock firewall and floor pan in their stock location. The trunk may be cut out. The frame must be stock from bumper-to-bumper, but bracing is allowed. Only factory spoilers allowed. No wedge nose or tubing front ends allowed.
  4. ENGINE: Must be a 4 cylinder engine with stock heads and block. Grinding off of any parts, serial, casting or firing order numbers is not allowed. Intake manifold must be stock, with no porting or polishing. The intake manifold must also be stock cast iron. No porting or polishing of heads allowed. Crank and rods must be stock. Stock replacement pistons are allowed, but no racing or high performance type pistons allowed. No dual cam engines, turbo, supercharger, blower, fuel injection, or nitrous allowed. No engines larger than 2300 CC allowed.
  5. FUEL SYSTEM: Any stock 2-barrel carburetor or 2-barrel Holley carburetor allowed. 350 CFM maximum carburetor only. Car must burn gasoline. Intake must be stock with a 1" maximum adapter or spacer. An electric fuel pump may be used on blocks with no fuel pump hole. You must run a safety cutoff switch.
  6. SUSPENSION: Must be stock in stock location. Only stock upper and lower control arms and rear trailing arms with no modification allowed. No coil-over shocks or simulated coil-over shocks are allowed. The springs cannot be around shocks unless originally equipped. Shocks will be located in stock location. No 5th coil lift arms allowed.
  7. TRANSMISSION AND REAR END: Transmission must be stock. No aluminum flywheels or small diameter racing clutches allowed. A working clutch and reverse gear are mandatory. Rear end must be stock and it may be locked.

Any questions will be decided by the track Technical Inspector. The decision of the Technical Inspector will always be final!