Cruiser Rules

  2. The second rule of this class is to have a good time. In fact, having fun in the cruiser class is mandatory! Anyone not having a good time will be disqualified and have their sanity questioned.
  3. If you want to go fast step up a class. Have cam noise? Street stock is calling you!
  4. One or two digit numbers only. Numbers must be displayed on both sides and the top of the car with a 14" minimum height.
  5. Minimum 112" wheelbase. Left side (driver) controls steering and brake pedal. Right side (passenger) controls the throttle (accelerator pedal). Throttle (accelerator pedal) control must be moved to the right side of the car.
  6. A rollover bar is required. The rollover bar cannot go through either firewall. A single bar or four-point cage is required, and a four-point cage is recommended. Both drivers must wear a helmet and safety belts. No glass is allowed on the car and the doors must be securely fastened. Two door bars are mandatory for each side.
  7. The car must be stock! No modifications to the body, suspension, engine, or steering are allowed.
  8. The rear end must be stock. No welding allowed!
  9. Wheels must be stock steel with a maximum 8-inch wheel. All tires must be street legal, DOT approved.
  10. The KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid!) rule is enforced in this class. If the rules don't say yes, you should assume they say no!

Any questions will be decided by the track Technical Inspector. The decision of the Technical Inspector will always be final!